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The best thing that ever happened to Ibex is Bainbridge! It's the only place we can see a complete view of the business - past, present and future.

Bonie Shupe, GM


I was spending a ridiculous amount of time manually assembling our data and finances. With Bainbridge, it's streamlined, actionable, and easy to share with investors and my team.

Nick Allen, CEO


I’m a data junkie.  I was spending way too much time wrestling our data.  Now with Bainbridge, I can focus on insights and execution.  Total game changer."

Matt Johnson, CEO

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Bainbridge is onto something big. They automate a trusted financial model and augment it with best in class companies to compare yourself against.

Paul DeJoe, Founder & COO



Run your eComm business with financial confidence


Know how to fund your growth.

Get a tight handle on how much you need, evaluate the potential options, and make the right call on capital.

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Understand true customer profitability.

Combine your eCommerce and finance data to understand what your customers are really worth.

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Find hidden margins.

eComm businesses are valued on profits, not revenue. Understand your margins and the levers to improve them.

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Enterprise Grade Data Stack

Get your operational and financial data in one place so you can see the full picture.

Analytics & Dashboards

See daily performance vs. plan and report on CAC, LTV, retention, cohorts and more.

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