Finance and capital planning for eCommerce.

Run your business and raise better capital with our cloud-based financial model and integrated planning tools.

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Does every inventory meeting turn into a dogfight?

Deciding how much inventory to buy is the #1 finance challenge for DTC eComm founders. We help you forecast sales, plan your buys, and understand the impact on cash.

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Struggling to make sense of all the capital options?

eCommerce capital is complicated. We help you understand all the options, decide which are right for you, and evaluate their true cost.

Download: The Bainbridge Guide to eCommerce Capital


Spending hours pulling data for investor meetings?

Our Executive Dashboard is focuses on the critical eComm metrics and is designed to be shared with stakeholders.

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Guessing at your revenue forecast?

Forecasting revenue is hard. We apply machine learning to your data to automatically create a cohort-by-cohort revenue forecast.

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Want to talk to an expert in real time?

Every Bainbridge plan includes monthly consults with a real expert in eComm finance and capital planning.

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We help great DTC companies get to the next level.

The value we get from Bainbridge month after month is staggering. I could not be a happier customer.

Lou Joseph
Founder & CEO, Alps & Meters

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About Bainbridge

Our mission is to help eCommerce founders achieve the financial outcomes they desire.

At our last company, we helped hundreds of DTC eComm brands generate billions of dollars in sales. Many of them faced a challenge in managing the financial aspect of their business and finding the right capital to fuel their growth. So we set out to change that.

Bainbridge is led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs passionate about helping companies grow. We believe in building strong partnerships first and letting the profits follow.

We hope to join you on your journey.

Ben & Austin
Co-Founders, Bainbridge

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