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The insights we get from Bainbridge month after month are staggering. I couldn't imagine running Alps & Meters without Bainbridge.

Lou Joseph
Founder & CEO, Alps & Meters

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Building DTC brands is hard work.

It's capital intensive - inventory and advertising consume cash long before you get it from sales.  You always need more capital.  And you can’t run out of cash.

It's data intensive - making good decisions requires having the right data. But the data is hard to get in timely way, hard to structure, hard to store, and hard to share.

It’s operationally complex - you need to be good at product, merchandising, advertising, supply chain, logistics, customer service, and finance.

Get the tools and data you need to do it best.

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I’m a data junkie. I was spending way too much time wrestling our data. Now with Bainbridge, I can focus on insights and execution. Total game changer.

Matt Johnson
Founder & CEO,

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