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The best thing that ever happened to Ibex is Bainbridge! It's the only place we can see a complete view of the business - past, present and future.

Bonie Shupe, GM


I was spending a ridiculous amount of time manually assembling our data and finances. With Bainbridge, it's streamlined, actionable, and easy to share with investors and my team.

Nick Allen, CEO


I’m a data junkie.  I was spending way too much time wrestling our data.  Now with Bainbridge, I can focus on insights and execution.  Total game changer."

Matt Johnson, CEO

The Feed

Bainbridge is onto something big. They automate a trusted financial model and augment it with best in class companies to compare yourself against.

Paul DeJoe, Founder & COO



Are You Ready to ...

Stop Losing Money

Improve Demand Forecasting

Improve Margins

Identify unprofitable customers and products and create a plan to address them
Benchmark and find improvements throughout your entire margin structure

Use Cash Efficiently

Get serious about in-depth cohort modeling and revenue predictions
Improve cash conversion cycles and improve inventory buying

Stop Inefficient Ad Spend

See the Whole Truth

Compound Improvements

Understand your good and bad customers, understand customer value at contribution profit level, use the right metrics to track success
Make better decisions, incremental improvements, faster flywheels.

Get Better Capital

Deliver awesome investor packages, speedier due diligence, debt optimization
Get everyone using the same metrics and forecasts to improve decision making


Hard Questions. Straight Answers. No BS.

Data + Finance

Past + Future

Tech + People

An enterprise-grade data stack connected to a PE quality financial model
Software and as needed expert professional services for data and financial analyses

Benchmarks + Best Practices

Analytics for what happened plus powerful scenario analyses for what can happen
Know how you compare to peers and processes used by winning teams

Planning + Decision Making

Standards + Customization

Planning tools to set goals plus Decision Making tools to answer the day to day
Standard metrics so you all speak the same language and Customization because every business is unique

Enterprise Grade Data Stack

Analytics & Dashboards

Connected Financial Model

Expert Support & Advisory


Results Delivered for eComm Brands

$2.1 Million Increase in Gross Profit

$120k Saved in Shipping Costs

6x ROI with Guided Expansion into Retail  

A customer with a subscription business is focusing on increasing annual subscriptions by 2% which will result in $2.1 million additional gross profit in the next year.  Bainbridge showed the impact.  The result will be a 44x ROI on Bainbridge subscription.

After analyzing a customers’ shipping costs and sales velocity, we recommended 100% sea freight which will result in $120K additional gross profit and over $50K additional year end cash.

A customer expanding into mass retail faced a cash crunch. We saw it coming and helped them select the best debt option to cover it. The result is a fantastic start to their expansion and over $200K gross profit from the first orders.

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