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Data-driven finance built for eCommerce
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The best thing that ever happened to Ibex is Bainbridge! It's the only place we can see a complete view of the business - past, present and future.

Bonie Shupe, GM


I was spending a ridiculous amount of time manually assembling our data and finances. With Bainbridge, it's streamlined, actionable, and easy to share with investors and my team.

Nick Allen, CEO


I’m a data junkie.  I was spending way too much time wrestling our data.  Now with Bainbridge, I can focus on insights and execution.  Total game changer."

Matt Johnson, CEO

The Feed

Bainbridge is onto something big. They automate a trusted financial model and augment it with best in class companies to compare yourself against.

Paul DeJoe, Founder & COO



I need to...

Professional investor package

Rapid due diligence responses

The story of your business through data, analytics and financials

Assumptions that are defensible and stress-tested the way investors do

Confidence in your model and your metrics

Automated data ingestion, structured, accessible by you

Understand financial implications of decisions

Create plans based on data

Data experts to help with analysis

Scalable system to answer the big questions now and as you grow

Understand and prioritize your levers like pricing, repeat purchase, LTV, CAC and more

Undertstand your cash conversion cycle to use cash more efficiently

Optimize borrowing and funding needs

Be confident in your financial model

Dramatically reduce time to update and manage model

Track progress to plans on hourly basis

Make board and investor reporting better and easier


Data-driven finance built for eCommerce

Enterprise Grade Data Stack

Get your operational and financial data in one place so you can see the full picture.

Analytics & Dashboards

See daily performance vs. plan and report on CAC, LTV, retention, cohorts and more.

Connected Financial Model

Create data-driven plans, compare unlimited scenarios, and generate clean reports.

Expert Support & Advisory

Get hands-on support and insights from our team of eCommerce finance experts.

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