Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bainbridge right for me?

It’s may be easier to identify who Bainbridge isn’t right for:

  • Companies that have already built a complete data & finance solution internally
  • Companies that are less than 1 year old with less than $250K in revenue
  • Companies that mostly sell through Amazon (e.g. > 75% of total revenue)
  • Companies where everything has been built from scratch (e.g. we built our own eCommerce platform, analytics platform, accounting system, ad management system etc)

If that’s not you, please reach out!

Is there any commitment?

Nope.  We don’t start charging until you are onboarded and you can cancel any time.  We do offer discounts for annual commitments, in which case you could decide not to use the software (but we get to keep the money).

How does pricing work?

Our goal is to build a long term relationship with each customer and help them maximize their revenue growth, profitability and valuation over time.  Tying our success to your success keeps us aligned and focused on finding more ways for you to be successful!

We charge a micro percentage of gross sales.  For a company with $10M in sales, pricing would be 0.3% of gross sales or about $3,000 per month.  As your monthly sales change, our fee changes (you pay less when you are in your slow months and pay more in your big months).  We automatically calculate and withdraw our fee monthly.

We have tiers and price breaks for companies of different sizes: the percentage goes up if your revenue is smaller and goes down if your revenue is larger. So you don't have to worry about paying us some obscene fee once you start making billions.

What if I already have a (CFO / VP finance / financial analyst).

Great!  We are going to make your team superhuman.  Every finance person we talk to spends way too much of their time on the drudgery of finance.  Gathering data, cleaning data, manipulating data, entering data, building models, generating reports and financials has been the grunt work of the finance person since the dawn of accounting. 

What that means in practice is that by the time they wade through all that work and deliver something, it’s time to start again for next month.  They never get to focus on the big important stuff where they can add way more value.  Bainbridge offloads the grunt work so they can be more valuable.  And guess what?  You can now hire better too.  Instead of more process people, you can hire big thinkers and doers to drive your business faster.

Who inside the company uses Bainbridge?

CEO’s are a key user.  Other users include the COO, Head of Finance and their team, marketing leads, merchandising leads and data analytics leads.  The board of directors and investors are also consumers of reports.

Does Bainbridge integrate with other software I already use?

Yes.  DTC companies use multiple platforms.  So we integrate with the most common and can import data from others through API’s or exports. 

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