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"The tool that they're building at Bainbridge is really unique. And I think for somebody like us that, we have 70,000 subscribers. We're a pretty decent sized business. We've multiple segments of our business, multiple segments of even our digital business. Subscriber, non-subscriber, all of that that we're trying to understand. And they've built a really amazing tool that allows us to seamlessly understand performance versus a forecast, but also understand scenario planning."

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Nina McKinney

Chief Strategy Officer, Oats Overnight
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Why Direct-to-Consumer Founders Choose Bainbridge

Save Time Understanding Your Data

"I was spending a ridiculous amount of time manually assembling our data and finances. With Bainbridge, it's streamlined, actionable, and easy to share with investors and my team."

Nick Allen

Co-founder and CEO, Geologie
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Know Where You Stand in the Market

"Bainbridge is onto something big. They automate a trusted financial model and augment it with best in class companies to compare yourself against."

Paul DeJoe

Founder and COO, MUD\WTR
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See the Whole Truth of Your Finances

"The best thing that ever happened to Ibex is Bainbridge! It's the only place we can see a complete view of the business - past, present and future."

Bonie Shupe

Re-Founder and General Manager, Ibex

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The Power of a Connected Modeling Service

Read some of the wins achieved for customers

CPG Brand Successfully Enters into Wholesale Channel backed with Analysis by Bainbridge Team

A CPG brand we work with just launched in Walmart and are getting ready to do their first Target order. Sales with Walmart are right on track, but because of the distributor payment terms, they haven’t gotten paid by Walmart, but need the cash to place the first fill order for Target. They’re short about 400k. Luckily, we saw this problem coming months ago and helped them get a line of credit in place to bridge the gap. It’s not the perfect solution, but they’ll be able to get through a cash pinch and be able to close with Target before then. We’re expecting that partnership to contribute more than $200k of gross profit this year - more than 4x their Bainbridge subscription.

DTC Skincare Brand Finds Fastest Path to Profitability through Bainbridge Modeling Predictions

A skincare brand was disappointed by the reaction of investors in a recent fundraising process and were contemplating what to do next. Getting them to profitability so they could control their fate and timing of going back to investors was job 1.  Bainbridge ran multiple scenarios testing the efficacy of the levers in the business and determined that increasing first purchase AOV by 18% would have the biggest and most immediate impact and in fact take them from unprofitable to > 9% EBIT margin on that change alone.  The brand adopted that as their #1 objective and have achieved a greater than 30% increase in EBIT.  The end result is control of their fate, generated cash being reinvested into growth and a much stronger pitch to investors.

CPG Brand Nets Additional $2.1m in Gross Profits with Bainbridge Insights

A CPG brand knew that customers were converting to an annual subscription, but didn’t know exactly how valuable that behavior could be. Turns out it’s a game changer - they’re converting about 15% of first purchasers to annual subscriptions. If they can get that up to 17%, it’s worth an additional $2.1m of gross profit - about 40x the cost of their Bainbridge subscription - and increase their ending EOY cash position by more than 5%.

Apparel Brand Saves Over $300k   with Bainbridge Benchmarking

We benchmark customers as we onboard them and we noticed that an apparel brand had fulfillment costs that were way too high.  We dug in and found they were being overcharged by their fulfillment partner on certain order types.  Correcting the issue saved them over $300,000 in the next quarter alone.  Reinvesting this extra cash into customer acquisition drove an additional $880,000 in sales which was a 23% increase.

Bainbridge Services Reduces Brand's Operating Expenses

A Bainbridge customer nearing $100 million in sales has built their finance org around Bainbridge.  The CEO estimates that Bainbridge has saved him 1 full time financial analyst and allowed him to avoid a senior (and expensive) head of finance hire.  In addition, he is saving on data infrastructure and consultants.  Net of the Bainbridge subscription, the annual cost savings is estimated at over $400,000 which in his mind is an extra $400,000 in the ad budget per year which translate into an additional $6.2 million in sales over 3 years.

Bainbridge Analysis Saves Brand Over $120k in Shipping Cost

We just completed an analysis of freight costs for a luxury eyewear customer. They were using a mix of air and sea freight to move goods from their supplier. Because the goods are light, the difference in price per PO never seemed that big of a deal, and they figured they were coming out ahead on cash by not paying until a few months later. Turns out that a shift to 100% sea-only would drop $90k of profit right to the bottom line AND leave them with an extra $50k of cash in the bank at the end of the year. They’re planning to shift to 100% sea freight this year, and it’ll easily save them more than $120k given that sales are going up. That one change alone is more than 4x their annual Bainbridge subscription - and I think we’ll unlock another 5 to 10 of insights like these for them this year. 

Luxury Goods Brand Shifts Shipping Strategy and Saves with Bainbridge

A luxury goods company knew profits varied by countries they shipped to because of shipping costs, but needed a way to understand these variances in more detail.  Influencers are a big part of their marketing mix, so they also wanted to understand profitability by country crossed with influencers.  Bainbridge pulled all the shipping data including tariffs and duties by country along with orders attributed to each influencer.  The results were surprising.  The brand immediately stopped selling to certain countries as they would never become profitable.  For other countries, the brand raised prices.  And several influencers were dropped.  Lastly, the brand found that their top 3 countries were more profitable than they had thought and they allocated more ad budget to growing sales in those countries.

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Who we are

We're a team of experienced entrepreneurs passionate about helping DTC eCommerce companies grow. We’re on a mission to help eCommerce founders achieve the outcomes they desire, whether that’s raising capital, forecasting and modeling the financial health of their business, or growing revenue. 

We believe in building strong partnerships with our customers first and letting the profits follow.

We hope to join you on your journey.

Ben & Austin
Co-Founders, Bainbridge

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